Our Sleep Quiz,
Designed By Sleep Specialists
Will Change The Way You Sleep,
We Guarantee It.

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Our Sleep Quiz, Designed By Sleep Specialists
Will Change The Way You Sleep, ‍We Guarantee It.

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1. A sleep solution created specifically for your needs

Each individual’s sleep issue is unique, so we believe each solution needs to be unique as well.  Whether you can’t fall asleep, stay asleep or feel exhausted throughout the day, we create custom supplement combinations to fix these issues, no other company does this.

Simply take the sleep quiz below and based on your answers our sleep specialists create a customized sleep supplement formula to solve your specific needs.

2. How it works

  1. Take the 3 min online quiz
  2. Our system reviews your answers
  3. You will receive a recommended custom sleep formulation
  4. Sleep like you’ve never slept before

3. Created by sleep specialists

We took sleep experts, all-natural ingredients and combined them with our proprietary matrix and algorithms to develop a system that can treat 1000’s of different sleep issues. No matter what your issue, we have a solution that will work just for you. These are not band-aid solutions, they are solutions that will tackle your issue head on, without the negative side effects.

4. Sleep is important

Ask any biologist and they will all agree that shelter, food, and sleep are essential to a healthy and happy life. We binge eat, develop mood swings, and increase our risk of high blood pressure and strokes when we don’t sleep properly. Proper sleep is essential and our mission is to help you achieve this.

5. Non-habit forming

Many over the counter sleeping aids use habit forming ingredients that cause drowsiness during the day. We designed our product combinations to work better without the nasty ingredients such as diphenhydramine or doxylamine succinate. Not only do we steer far away from these types of ingredients, we ensure that ALL our ingredients are non-habit forming.

6. All-natural ingredients

You want to put the best possible ingredients into your body, and the natural way can often be the best way. By offering your body gentle doses of all-natural supplements, you are less likely to suffer major side effects created by the harsh chemicals in other over the counter sleep products. Some additives in over the counter sleep aids have even been associated with toxicity and cancers.

7. USA Sourced & made

All our products are made right here in the USA in certified NSF GMP audited manufacturing facilities. Natural ingredients that are scientifically-tested for their effectiveness is important in any supplement, but as important is the setting where the supplement is made. If these pills are thrown together in someone’s kitchen in Arizona, or in a cramped sweatshop in some third-world country, you don’t know what kind of quality control the product is subjected to and it could even end up tainted.

8. Try a 7 day free sample

We know you hear it all the time but we truly stand behind all of our supplements and we are sure they will help you sleep better. Our mission is to help Americans sleep better and we work on this each day. The team is standing by ready to ship you a 7 day free sample.

Start the sleep quiz to help our specialist create your custom sleep supplement formula.